SEO, modules, plugins and functionality development for online shops and blogs

This section shows different products and functionalities which can be interesting for both online stores as blogs, if you are interested in any of them do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you according to your needs and we can carry out its implementation quickly and efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress and Prestashop

SEO for Wordpress and Prestashop Description:  Organic SEO optimization and positioning for your web, in collaboration with the company WeSeo. The positioning is totally necessary for your business strategy and blog, online store, hotel and websites are all easily found by users Interenet through search engines. The optimization is responsible […]

Traceability Module – Prestashop

Products Traceability for Prestashop Description: From the specifications and requirements from the customer develops Prestashop module to record the batch number and / or serial number of each unit sold for each product within each order sent to the customer. In other words, the functionality is created in Prestashop administrator to […]

Payment by reference Module – Prestashop

Payment by reference at Prestashop Description:  It is a module that allows you to save a reference number associated with a particular customer's payment through the same online store, and to use this reference for further charges. In other words, allows the customer to make online deferred payments without having more clicks, […]

Free Shipping message – Prestashop

Message missing amount for free shipping on Prestashop Description:  Prestashop theme development in order to display a message that prompts the user to add a product to cart to reach free shipping functionality. This system can be very efficient and increase sales between 10% and 20% per purchase. Only modifing […]

Pay per view – Prestashop

Viewing payment videos on Prestashop Description:  Development of functionality regarding the user's order history, and adding a new product, intended to show videos that the user has purchased on the same platform through vimeo integration over his user's account. Example: The client has set up his own Prestashop online store dedicated to magic, therefore […]

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