Free Shipping message – Prestashop

free shipping message - Prestashop

Message missing amount for free shipping on Prestashop


Prestashop theme development in order to display a message that prompts the user to add a product to cart to reach free shipping functionality. This system can be very efficient and increase sales between 10% and 20% per purchase.

Only modifing on the current theme and template functions, javascript (ajax) controlling amounts updates, always showing the missing amount to reach free shipping by zone adresses / ZIP and configured carriers.



  • Message “Missing x € For free shipping!“: This message is displayed in both the Pop Up when adding a product from the list of products in a category or home page of the website and on the cart page (process purchase, order fast).
  • The message is displayed for registered and unregistered users, changing the missing amounts automatically when user login and enter the address (ZIP), depending on the Prestashop configuration manager.
  • The format and text of the message can be fully customized.
  • Results: The user sees on a highlighted message, the amount missing, which may be less than the cost of transport, therefore, the minimum amounts of 90% of the cars are increased up to the amount of free shipping.
  • Low Cost Product stores: This feature is highly recommended for stores with low cost products, since adding another product to the cart, as the user gets more products for the same total cost, the more sells will have your shop.

Available for Prestashop version 1.6 (it is possible for versión 1.5)


  • Free upgrades (subject to availability)
  • Support for 6 months (from date of purchase)

Used Technologies

  • Prestashop
  • Theme development
  • smarty php, html5, css3, javascript, ajax
  • Responsive
  • FrontEnd
  • Eclipse