Content Management Systems (CMS)

System Administration

Prestashop - Online Shops & Booking Engines

Creation, configuration, modules development , templates modifications, modifications from core override (overload classes to avoid conflicts in updates), dependency resolution from upgrades and customization design Prestashop Online Shops and Booking Engines design customization.

LINUX - based Systems

Global Administration GNU / Linux. Management systems, servers and security. Knowledge of distributions Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS. Over 10 years using daily different distributions . Software installations, solutions for unresolved package dependencies, system configurations … etc.

WordPress - Blogs & Woocommerce

Creation, configuration, modification of templates, design and customization of WordPress. Installation of modules for visual effects, marketing, SEO positioning, performance improvements and endless possibilities most widely manager world blogs.

Shell scripting - Linux

Sh, CShell and Bash programming in Linux environments. Console programming languages. System and communication networks script development.

Joomla CMS + Virtuemart

Solid knowledge of Joomla 1.5. Code modifications, customizations design, integration of Virtuemart, developing custom modules.

Servers - Linux

Apache web server Installation and configuration. Logs control, modules installation (security, rewrite, image processing …). Knowledge of Tomcat, MySQL, SVN server, FTP server, SMNTP, NTFS partitions.


Knowledge of Drupal. Installation and configuration of items and categories. Code modifications.

Hosting - Control panels

Depth knowledge in control panels (Cpanel, Plesk) of different web hosting companies as OVH, CDmon, 1 & 1, Hostgator … php parameter settings, mail accounts and users, FTP and SSH. Integration of SSL security certificates, access control, domains management, subdomains creation, redirections 301, 302, 303 …



Google Tag Manager

Solid knowledge about code implementation for google events tracking. Google Shopping. Google feeds.

Software Development


Php5.x.x to php7.x.x generic development, scripts, object-oriented using Model-View-Controller programming paradigm. Php image processing. Webservices. Curl.


Knowledge of software development in JAVA. OOP, creating webservices REST – JSON – SOAP under Hibernate & Java Maven. Software patterns. UML diagrams.


Software development using object-oriented programming. Knowledge of graphics libraries such as wx-widgets and OpenCV (Computer Vision).

C & C++

C software development for embedded devices. Software development using object oriented programming (C ++).

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax - Web design and layout

Design modifications (shapes, sizes, fonts, shadows, colors, finishes, positions of the elements), creating galleries and visual effects, real time data visualization.

Data Bases

SQL scripting, solid knowledge of administration and implementation of MySQL and MariaDB databases. Advanced knowledge of Access. Basic knowledge of Oracle and PotsgreSQL.

IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Detailed knowledge of Eclipse IDE and VS Code (daily use): integration of programming languages (php, java, python, html, css, javascript, C …), installation of plugins and tools such as PDT, ADT, JDT; Integration with CVS, SVN and GIT (version control) and Aptana (FTP connection). Debugging & bugtracking, generating UML diagrams.
Knowledge of Code Blocks IDE, used for development in C for embedded systems.

Version Control

Solid knowledge of Subversion (SVN), a version management program for a team development (or solo) with total control of modified files, changes history, rollback to previous versions, dependency conflicts resolution, comparator code …etc. A big myth for control software versions.
Daily use of GitHub (GIT), an improved online version control, integration and use is very simple, reaching a fast and very competent functionality. It is the evolution of SVN, it offers both free and private accounts to enhance the content. The management is totally visual with a pleasant and very intuitive interface.

Andriod App (Java)

Knowledge of Android application development by ADT (Android Development Tools) under the Java programming language and programming environment Eclipse.