Android App


  • Android
  • ADT (Android development tools)
  • Andriod App
  • Java
  • Eclipse

Delivery date: 10 Juy 2014


Description: It is a simple application for Andriod Google Play, which offers a really simple functionality: a redirect to the website ready for mobile.

This application aims to be known in the world of Android, while offering a link from the app market and used for teaching in schools offering tablets to students as tools.

Development time is less than 4 hours.

Development time: < 4 horas

System Administration


  • SVN (Subversion)
  • Release Manager
  • System Administration
  • Apache
  • BackEnd
  • FrontEnd
  • bash scripting
  • CentOs
  • Php + MySQL
  • css3, html, javascript
  • Eclipse

Delivery date: 20 Agosto 2012

Link: – link not avalilable –

Descripción: Release Manager at PRIVALIA VENTA DIRECTA SA.
Management and version control under Subversion. Versioning of different simultaneous projects, upgrades trunk, branches and tags creation, and installation in different development environments and testing: integration, pre-production and production.

Development and integration of web application for remote self versioning (SVN Remote): Release Control

Release Control project is an internal web application (no public access), developed for the team of programmers, designers, layout artists, technicians and administrators internal at company systems. By Release Control, developers of the company, which were given access through a backend application can perform version management functions without having knowledge of protocol use of Subversion.

The web application is structured from a MySQL Database 5.1.61, Apache 2.0 Handler server and programmed in php 5.3.3, bash, html, css and javascript. It is an internal business application, a tool to streamline and accelerate asset management projects in SVN, backup and modifications Databases, all in integration environments and never on Pre-production and much less on Production .

Using the application is simple and intuitive, just trying to select options Subversion (create / delete / duplicate branch / tags), launch SQL scripts targeting different environments containing machinery enterprise development (development environment BakckEnd, FrontEnd, bug Tracking, etc …) and make backups of entire environments.

The call options programmed in bash scripts (shell scripting) run svn commands or SQL scripts to update databases.

For more details on the structure of the system, documentation and user manuals, check the memory:


Development time: 6 months

Joomla 1.5


  • Php + MySQL
  • html, css, javascript
  • Webservices – Java Hibernate
  • Joomla 1.5
  • Eclipse
  • SVN – Subversion
  • Mantis Bug Tracker

Delivery date: 27 Mach 2011


Description: The first platform for digital comics download in Spain!

Koomic represented a novelty in the field of digital comics. One developer, a system administrator and a designer created this comprehensive website in which you can download (free and paid) to the top of the Spanish comics market and many foreign authors.

Originally was performed using a content management system which was modified to offer downloads of comics in digital format using encryption technology DRM from Adobe.

Reading in computer and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

My work was focused mainly on development in php and MyQSL modules adapted to CMS Joomla 1.5, php development of an administrator (backoffice) alternative for providers (publishers), monitoring and error correction (Mantis BugTracker), developing Java Hibernate webservices to communicate with iOS devices and version control using SVN.

Development time: 2 years