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– Specialist Software Consultant –

CeS arises from the personal initiative to make projects as Freelance usually based on free software that improve living standards, reduce costs, natural and economic resources or increase advertising and sales; either focused on individuals or companies, specialized in Prestashop and WordPress. CeS is founded by a Higher Degree in Computer Engineering: Cesar Cuadros de Cortina.

Specialized in free software, with experience in R & D, developing web applications, static and dynamic pages (paradigm model-view-controller), shopping on-line, booking engines (services and accommodation) and blogs. Solid knowledge of System Administration (UNIX-based) and Apache servers, Tomcat, MySQL, Email, messaging, etc … Broad knowledge of programming languages ​​and more than 9 years of experience in the field of software development and systems management.

Success Stories

Hundreds of creations and interventions in static websites, online stores and reservations, content managers, applications and resolution of client errors all over the world: Asia, Europe, North and South America. As well as hundreds of contributions in different projects under Git version control (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket)



Satisfied Companies

Dozens of different companies around the world have trusted our developments from Cesoftware in recent years, with individuals and large, small and medium-sized companies that have requested CeSoftware services, obtaining a satisfactory result with a delivery time of 99% on time always within requested budget.




More than 10 years of experience as a freelance in software development projects and systems administration, specializing in custom projects with its own framework, online stores (under CMS and without it), booking engines (accommodation and services), blogs and Prestashop and WordPress content managers.



GitHub Contributions

Why CeS is an insured advantage?

Currently, any entity wishing to be disclosed must be represented on the Internet, so it is available to everyone. To get to the Internet, basically need a website and of course someone to schedule, to keep it updated and make nice and easy to use. CeS handles everything since has been focusing their learning over time to the web development and system administration, two of the great pillars of the internet. Thus, everything is centralized, where the developer and the administrator are united as ever, achieving optimization in communication, development time and project delivery, which is certainly a significant improvement in the total costs of production and maintenance.

  • The CeS philosophy is the use of the latest free software, content management, templates, utilities manuals, modules, plugins and a lot of software available to everyone.
  • Why “reinvent the bulb”? Today you can take advantage of the tools that are on the network to create websites easily and relatively quickly.

CeS focuses its effort to adapt to customer needs by offering complete solutions, economic and in record delivery.

“CeS, Profesional Software Solutions”