Pay per view – Prestashop

Pago por visión - Prestashop

Viewing payment videos on Prestashop


Development of functionality regarding the user’s order history, and adding a new product, intended to show videos that the user has purchased on the same platform through vimeo integration over his user’s account.

Example: The client has set up his own Prestashop online store dedicated to magic, therefore sells, among other things, explaining videos like “How to do a magic trick.”

On the other hand, the client has created a private account in vimeo, where he set up restricted access videos, allowing only view them if requests are made from a specific URL (the domain of its online store in this case).

To achieve the goal programming is modified to override Prestashop, creating a new field when adding a new product, where the link to vimeo video is introduced  in case of this type of product. This link is stored in the database at any time is accessible to the final users.

New order controller classes are created as well, and customer order history template view is modified. Thus it is achieved that only from Prestashop online shop, customer who has made a purchase from a video can access to his account in order to watch the video as many times as desired. For each order (references, date, total amount), all videos purchased are shown, having a collection or video library on the user’s account.

It is noteworthy that programming was under a security check where is forced to see the video only from the user’s account within the domain of the online store, to avoid to send links to others or share on social networks, taking care of the business integrity.


  • From backend: When adding a new product, the admin can insert the vimeo private link for the video watching.
  • From User’s account: Once the user has made a purchase of a virtual product video format, using the traditional purchasing method from Prestashop, he can access his account and go to “Orders History”.
  • In “Orders History” at user’s account: All orders are shown sorted by date, when user click over one order’s reference, all vídeos purchased from this order are shown.

Available for Prestashop version 1.6 (also possible for version 1.5)


  • Free upgrades (subject to availability)
  • Support for 6 months (from date of purchase)

Used Technologies

  • Prestashop
  • Override Module development
  • Vimeo integration
  • smarty php, html5, css3, javascript,
  • Responsive
  • Php + MySQL
  • BackEnd
  • Eclipse