Payment by reference Module – Prestashop

Pago por referencia

Payment by reference at Prestashop


It is a module that allows you to save a reference number associated with a particular customer’s payment through the same online store, and to use this reference for further charges.

In other words, allows the customer to make online deferred payments without having more clicks, it is only necessary to make a first payment.

This module is very useful for online stores using deferred payments, such as travel agencies, tourism, cruises, excursions, etc… Where a deposit is made, and on a certain date is done the second, third charge … depending on the conditions of each service.


  • To provide products with two or more delayed payments you need to configure the products concerned, so that they have combinations as payment methods, depending on the combination there is an impact on the price (lowering the price if deferred payment or deposit, for example). In the pictures below you can see an example:
    Pago aplazado - Depósito- Prestashop

Pago aplazado - Depósito- PrestashopIt is important to note that the price changes depending on whether the user chooses to pay the entire product or a deposit. If deposit is selected, payment is lower because admin will run a second charge automatically on a certain date, as indicated in the text.

  • When installing the module, all users who have selected deferred payment, will do a payment by reference, transparent to the user, for him the transaction is as always credit / debit card online payment, being aware that will perform a second payment at a certain date.
  • Functionality is added in Prestashop Admin panel  to show the reference number of the payment from a user, and use it to make a second charge for a fixed amount. At no time information about the customer’s payment is saved, it is only numbering (numbers and letters of more than 32 characters) the bank sends as a parameter and determines which customer it is. You can see the funtionality in the admin panel in the following image:
    Pago por referencia - Prestashop
    It is imperative that the bank offers the service Payment by reference in their ways of charging for virtual POS for online stores, this requires contact the bank and ask about it.


Available for Prestashop version 1.6


  • Free updates
  • Technical support (from purchase date)

Used Technologies

  • Prestashop
  • Payment by reference
  • Online payment modules
  • Override Modules development
  • smarty php, html5, css3, javascript,
  • Responsive
  • Php + MySQL
  • BackEnd
  • Eclipse